Who We Are:

We can sum that up by giving you our core values:

  1. Be the hands and feet of Jesus in the community​
  2. Champion diverse thoughts, people, influence​
  3. Personify Christ-like character throughout all interactions​
  4. Treat all people fairly and equitably with love, care, respect and dignity​
  5. Prioritize Relationships over projects

What We Do:

  • ServErie Saturday – Quarterly Saturday morning serving days – usually from 8:00AM-12:30PM.
  • Summer School Initiative – We adopt a school and renovate over a period of four days. So far, we have taken on Lincoln School and Erie High School and saw over 3000+ volunteers.
  • Neighborhood Renewal – We have a team that addresses the needs in our adopted neighborhood. The location is from 6th to 12th street and from Holland to Wayne. Those projects include renovating the exterior of homes, creating parks, landscaping, and general clean up.

How You Can Help:

We can use skilled and unskilled labor on all of our projects which includes painting, vinyl siding, landscaping, carpentry, and clean up.  In addition, we can use administrative help, as well as fundraising support, i.e. organizing events, etc.