School of Prayer: 4-Week Guide to Better Prayers

A 28-day guided prayer booklet to help strengthen your connection with God through prayer

Prayer is worth doing regardless of how poorly we do it. And let’s be honest we’re not great at it. We don’t pray nearly enough. And even when we do – it often doesn’t feel like our prayers are making it past the ceiling. We pray for ourselves when we should be praying for others. We do all the talking when we should be listening. We fall asleep in the middle of it. Yep – Prayer is Tough.

But the fact remains that prayer is one of the main ways we can connect with God. Prayer is the pipeline of communication between God and those who love Him. We won’t truly grow closer to Jesus without a healthy prayer life. This booklet will help you make a daily habit of prayer the way it was intended to be done to strengthen your relationship with God.

This 28-day guided prayer booklet is a companion piece to our sermon series, “A School of Prayer” or our YouVersion plan.

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