Grief Specialist Answers the Biggest

Questions about Dealing with Grief

Free Grief Training with Licensed Expert Pam Presler

Grief is such an important topic… maybe now more than ever. We all deal with grief at some point or another and need to learn how to manage it in a healthy way. The Covid pandemic alone has stirred up a whole new sense of loss whether it was a death of a loved one, loss of a job, or even just loss of normalcy.

Get access to a free video training from licensed grief expert, Pam Presler, to learn the best strategies for dealing with grief in today’s world. 

Bonus Video

If you sign up for the free webinar, we’ll also send you a free 20 minute video interview with Pastor Derek Sanford, Pastor Scott Michel, and special guest Pam Presler. They’ll discuss some of the biggest questions and misconceptions about dealing with grief. 

What You’ll Get:

  • Free 20 minute video training with grief specialist Pam Presler
  • Full 20 minute interview recording with Pastors Derek and Scott with Pam Presler
  • Answers to your biggest questions about grief including:
    Why is grief such a critical issue in today’s world? What are some hidden signs someone is actually dealing with grief? What are the benefits of working through death or loss well? How do you identify trapped grief in your life? What are practical ways to deal with grief? And more!

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Meet the Expert - Pam Presler

Pamela Presler, MSW, LCSW, CPLC is a Coach, Mediator, Counselor and Trainer who has dedicated over 20 years to developing new and innovative approaches to improving human relationships. Whether coaching clients in her office or training other professionals, Pamela serves as a Communication and Relationship Specialist, guiding others in problem-solving their own outcomes.

Pamela credits her educational foundation in Clinical Social Work from The Ohio State University, along with early professional development in various mental health agencies in Central Ohio, as the cornerstone that prepared her shift from therapy to Coaching, Collaborative Practice and Mediation.