How to Connect People to Jesus – Free Guide 

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According to Dr. Daniel Strange in his book, “Making Faith Magnetic”, every person you encounter is trying to find the answers to 5 deep, universal questions that they might not even know they’re asking. If you learn to observe and listen for these 5 questions (or “magnetic points”) in your daily life, it can open up specific opportunities for you to connect people to Jesus. 

This free, practical guide will outline the 5 different “magnetic points” and provide you with a very specific and effective way to approach someone depending on which questions or struggles they are currently dealing with. Think of this as your own personal “field guide” for the people in your life. This guide makes a great evangelism tool: it will provide you with the best practical way to share Jesus with anyone.

What You’ll Get:

  • Overview of each of the 5 ways to connect people to Jesus
  • Specific questions people are likely asking for each of the 5 points
  • Specific answers to the questions they’re likely asking
  • Practical prayers and scriptures to share for each of the 5 points

You can purchase the book Making Faith Magnetic by Daniel Strange here.

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